Lacto-fermentation: Ten Biggest Questions Answered

Lacto-fermentation is growing in popularity as more and more people discover the health benefits of this ancient food preservation method. But I have to tell ya, the taste of these foods are a benefit as well. We at Cooking God's Way teach local classes on lacto-fermentation monthly and get asked a lot of questions. Here … [Read more...]

The Second Step To Better Health

Creamy Lemon & Dill Baked Salmon

So you've decided that you want to go beyond just taking some probiotics and supplements, The First Step To Better Health, and real health is what you are on track to find. The second step to better health just requires some planning. The great thing is that planning is nothing new, we plan what we are going to do each … [Read more...]

The First Step To Better Health


If you want to start eating healthy and feel better, where do you start? This is a question I get asked all the time. There is an easy way to start! Just make a small addition at first to your menu. What if I told you this thing you add does not have to be green. What is this addition? Probiotics! Adding probiotics to … [Read more...]

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