Class: Kombucha “Live Drinks”

Learn how you can make health-packed beverages that taste great and build your immune system.

Kombucha is a healthy, effervescent tea-based drink that has been used for centuries in ancient cultures. Commercial versions are available in many health stores and gourmet markets, but with costs reminiscent of those high-end coffee shop drinks you will want to learn how to make your own. Thankfully kombucha is quite easy to make at home.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to start your own kombucha culture.
  • To brew kombucha, along with bottling options.
  • All about flavoring ideas and maintenance.
  • The great health benefits that these “homemade” live drinks have to offer 
VS. store-bought versions.
  • To save money by making this healthful drink yourself.

In this demonstrative class you will get to observe the process of making kombucha, flavoring, bottling, and maintenance. You will also learn about any tools and helpful hardware needed to produce these drinks with ease in your very own home.

Kombucha is CHEAP and EASY to make at home…come learn how!

Class Includes: Informational Packet
Length: approx. 2 hours
Date / Time / Location: See Calendar

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Kombucha “Live Drinks” Class

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Testimonials from Previous Classes

“Loved the class. Very informative and easy to follow instructions to take home with us. Can’t wait to start brewing my own kombucha! Highly recommend the class for anyone even remotely flirting with the idea of brewing their own. You leave realizing that while it is a very careful process, its easier than you think (and much cheaper than buying a bottle each day).” – Rita

“These folks are knowledgeable and excellent resources!!!” – Melissa

“Great classes! I have learned so much and had lots of fun. Thanks Jeff and Shannon so much!!!” – Meagan

“The website is helpful and the classes are marvelous! Have more classes– I would DEFINITELY buy!” – Christina

“What I love about Kombucha is how it makes me feel so energized. Now that I know how to brew it myself I can have it everyday and mine brewed at home tastes even better than what I used to buy in the store.” – Mike

“Shannon and Jeff made it so easy to understand the brewing of Kombucha (the tea of immortality). I followed the directions for the continuous brewing method and now it is so cool to just pull off some kombucha every other day. It is like heath on tap!” – Nikole

If you have any questions that were not addressed here, please contact us using our Contact Form.

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