Lacto-fermentation Air-lock System for Wide-mouth Mason Jars

Do you want an easy and convenient way to make the very best tasting lacto-fermented foods?

Well here it is…

The Original Veggie Fermenter™ from Cooking God’s Way

Using our low cost air-lock system when making lacto-fermented foods has a number of benefits. Here are a few…

  • Better tasting ferments!
  • Air-tight seal!
  • Reduces mold on top of ferments! (less scraping fuzz away)
  • Releases pressure/gas naturally (no fear of jar exploding)!

The Original Veggie Fermenter™ from Cooking God’s Way is 100% air-tight, ensuring proper anaerobic fermentation!

Why Our Lacto-fermentation Air-lock System is an economical and quality choice…

  • Works with any sized Wide-Mouth glass mason-type “canning” jar!
  • Fermented foods can be stored right in the same jar (no transferring)!
  • Our lids are BPA free! (FYI – regular “metal” canning lids are not BPA free)
  • Custom-made FDA-approved Rubber Gasket – for an air-tight seal
  • Easy to clean!
  • Simple to use!

VIDEO: Easy Assembly of The Original Veggie Fermenter™

Cooking God's Way Lacto-Fermentation Air-lock Kit

Make healthy, delicious lacto-fermented recipes like:

- Lacto-fermented Ketchup
Homemade Mayonnaise
Lacto-fermented Hummus
Lacto-fermented “Deli-Style” Pickle Spears

View more FREE lacto-fermentation recipes OR purchase “Lacto-fermenting: The Easy & Healthy Way” for over 40 lacto-fermentation recipes not available here. Save $$$ when you purchase the book and veggie fermenter together!

Our air-lock system will make fermenting veggies fun and easy!

Since standard wide-mouth jars are used, you can choose any jar size depending on how much food you wish to ferment… Pint, Quart, Half Gallon (2-quarts). The wide mouth also makes cleaning a breeze and expandability easy. If you break a jar, or just wish to expand, simply buy any wide-mouth glass mason-type canning jar(s) as needed. (They can be found in hardware stores like ACE Hardware, Wal-mart, or even sometimes in second-hand/thrift shops.)

*Please note jars are not included with kit due to shipping/packing costs. You must supply standard wide-mouth glass canning jar(s).

Lacto-fermenting Online Video Course
Checkout our Lacto-fermenting eCourse

– 11 quick & easy comprehensive lessons.
— Learn at your own pace.
— Includes support from the professionals.


WAIT! Purchase our “Total Lacto-fermenting Kit” and Save!

The Total Lacto-fermenting Kit includes everything you need to get started in lacto-fermenting.

1 book, Lacto-fermenting: The Easy & Healthy Way
+ 1 Original Veggie Fermenter™ (dual kit)

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Need extra Storage Lids? Find them here!

Don’t forget the Lacto-fermentation Weights!

The Original Veggie Fermenter Lacto-fermentation Air-lock System for Wide-mouth Mason Jars

Our Kit Includes:

  • 2 air-lock tubes (3 piece system)
  • 2 BPA-free plastic lids w/ food-safe grommets
  • 2 solid BPA-free storage lids
  • 2 FDA-approved rubber gaskets (for air-tight seal)
  • Illustrated instructions for assembly and use
  • BONUS Lacto-fermentation Recipe (not on website)
Go ahead… Order your Original Veggie Fermenter™ TODAY!

*Jar(s) not included… you must supply your own wide-mouth glass Mason-type canning jar(s), Ball®, Kerr® etc.

Don’t forget to order a kit for that friend or family member. (Save when you order multiple kits see details.)

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