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Make Your Health Goals Last Longer Than A Week!

We have been talking about how to succeed in your new healthy eating goals. How to identify your goals and documenting where you are at currently, have been the focus of articles this week. Do You Want A Healthy Change? Start the Easy Way!, The Next Step In Your Easy Healthy Change!

Many people can start their goals, but then stumble after a few days. Every day life kicks in and gets in the way of the new goals. But we see and read about many that do succeed in their goals and change their life. But don’t forget an area that is often overlooked and that can cause less than 60% of new goals to fail in just a few days.

What do they have that we don’t?


A recent study done by the University of Hertfordshire followed 2,000 people who made two-week resolutions and found that those who had no support and tried to succeed on willpower alone failed 74% of the time.

Those who involved family and friends in their plans achieved much better success. So are you telling me I have to get my friends to change their eating habits too. NO! Just let them know of your new goals and ask them to give you some encouragement. If you know that those closest to you can help to hold you accountable it can give you the extra push needed to hold to your new goals till they are formed as permanent habits.

We at Cooking God’ Way tomorrow will be offering how we can help with the accountability side of your healthy eating changes. Shannon and I are very excited about how we will be able to help you in your new goals for a healthy eating lifestyle. So, do check back tomorrow for these exciting details.

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Source:  New Year’s resolutions ‘barely last longer than a week’