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For New Years Don’t Focus On Dieting

Is losing weight your New Year’s resolution? Don’t focus on dieting instead look at what makes up your diet. There are many diets out on the market and every one claims it is better than the one from last year or even last month. Think about it, we can put a man on the moon, but we can’t find a diet that works for the majority of the people. Or maybe it has been here all along and for some reason it is not talked about.

Well I hate to say it… but people often want something new because the old is not exciting. When it comes to losing weight the answer is right in front of us, yup the food. Today we read about how more people are overweight and the problem does not stop there, more kids are overweight than ever before. What are we doing wrong?

Let’s use some simple deductive reasoning. If we are fatter now than in the past, then what have we changed? In the ’50s people were healthier overall from what we understand from history. What has changed? If I was to try and think of the one biggest things that is different… Attitude! How can attitude make a difference?

Okay, here is how I see attitude as making making people overweight. In the ’50s in America we were a nation of do-ers, workers, an industrious people. Heck we told the world come to America and you can make your own American Dream. We were telling people to work, do, go get what your want, achieve. So are you seeing what I am seeing? These people were active in their lives in every-way, physically, mentally, spiritually. What some people would call a get’er done attitude!

All that hard work of our Grandparents and Parents has given us a great life. We have many things, bigger homes, nicer cars, food choices out the ears and bigger TVs :). Wow! But along with all these rewards came a change of attitude. We moved from a industrious nation to a nation of service and the service was the wrong kind. What I am saying is we want to be served. Gone is the can do attitude, it is replaced with a someone else can do it attitude. I will get someone to do this or that for me, I have the money to pay them. It is natural after reaching the rewards to enjoy them.

Let me tie this all in with diet. Doing something takes some of my time, having others do things for me takes very little of my time. So my attitude becomes one of I don’t want to invest much of my time into things, but yet I want big rewards. We look to the new diets that sell themselves are easy, quick, simple, etc… see how this fits with our attitude. We have fast food, instant rice, quick oats, and microwave ovens. Meals cook times are measured in seconds not minutes or hours like in the past.

Do remember the old saying… “Everything has a price”.

This year focus on making changes that affect your attitude towards your health. Look at the root of your health and get that old attitude of get’er done. Get that focus of our Grandparents, one of I will do what ever it takes and we are in this for the long run. Use the modern resources provided by that speedy internet to research and understand real health. Read and study healthy living websites and blogs, take online courses, change your root health attitude. Invest sometime.

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