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10 Outrageous Fast Food Items

I know many of us have given up fast food in order to be healthy, but some of our friends are still eating these items. You will be amazed what is being sold by the fast food chains in the US and internationally. When I was a kid living in Germany in the 70’s I don’t remember seeing any fast food restaurants, but when I was back visiting in the 90’s fast food had taken root.

In the US it seems that bigger is better as many fast food chains have supersize food items on their menu, but let me tell you we longer have the market on outrageous fast food menu items. Lets take a look at some of them. We will start off with some items that just are different.

1. McLobster Roll (McDonald’s, US)

McDonalds Lobster Roll

I bet you never thought of having lobster at McDonald’s. This gives them that high class dining appeal. The lobster salad on a roll is only available in Maine and other parts of New England. I know I mentioned an international list so I thought I would start in the US, visit the world and end with desert here again.

2. Nacho Whopper (Burger King, Netherlands)

Surprised I have not seen this in Texas, but maybe it is here after all I don’t eat at fast food places so I could have missed it.

3. Das Nürnburger (McDonald’s, Germany)

Got to tell you I have fond memories of eating bratwurst growing up in Germany, but this kinda is unsettling. Eating that many bratwurst with all that bread in one sitting gives me bad feeling just thinking about it.

4. Mega Tomago (McDonald’s, Japan)

Wow, can you believe that. A double Big Mac with an egg patty and bacon. Egg patty that just does not sound right!

5. Golden Fortune (Pizza Hut, Malaysia)

Golden Fortune Pizza

We defiantly do not have a corner on the extreme fast food market anymore. How about a shrimp, crab stick, fish, pineapple, line and cheesy dough bite pizza.

6. Tener Beef Pentagon (KFC, China)

China Tender Beef Pentagon

This one sure has some packaging going on. Tortilla filled with Schezuan beef, tortilla chips, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

7. Septupde Whopper (Burger King, Japan)

Windows 7 Whopper

Yes, this is real! It was released when Windows 7 came out in Japan. Wonder how many of these they sold.

8. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza (Pizza Hut, UK)

Hot dog stuffed pizza

This wild example of fast food was not created in the US, but in the UK. From what I understand this item will not even be offered in the US.

10. Bacon Sundae (Burger King, US)

Bacon Sundae

The bacon sundae is being test marketed in Nashville, Tenn. Saved this one for last so you could get some dessert with all of the other foods above.

I hope many of you get that upset feeling looking at these food offerings from around the world. What always amazes me is that we call fast food junk, but yet so many people still eat it daily. I have even seen one local church run a program to lose weight in partnership with McDonald. Yes, true story.

Let’s have fun. Vote on the most disturbing to you of the ten items listed above by leaving a comment below. We will see what wins.