Processed Food, is it Food Anymore?

Processed food is easy, convenient, and most of all it’s cheap.
But therein lays the problem.

Cheap food = Cheap ingredients (artificial)

These quick, cheap foods are processed under heat and pressure, which changes them from their natural state – destroying enzymes, depleting nutrients, etc.

During this process chemicals are added to make the foods taste better – i.e. MSG, flavorings, colorings, excito-toxins, and so on.

Synthetic vitamins are also usually added to replace some of those lost during processing.

And finally preservatives are added so that the food will not go bad/rot.

Watch the video below and then answer this question…..

“Processed food, is it food anymore?”

4-Year Old Cheeseburger

EXCITO-TOXINS:- The Taste That Kills

Just remember the Cooking God’s Way rule….Food is always best when in its natural state.

Avoid processed foods and always aim to eat only natural / minimally-processed foods, for the best possible health benefits.

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  1. Incredible information on Excito-Toxins, Shannon!

    I thought I was vigilant but now realize I need a list even in the health food stores.

    I’d like to get the book mentioned but can’t even find the speaker’s name. Can you help?



  1. […] does not rot or decay even after many years. Want to see more on this checkout this past article; Processed Food, is it Food Anymore? Real food provides the body with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and […]

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