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21 Reasons To Eat Healthy

The mind starts to wonder when the body is kept cooped up. We in North Texas have been experiencing some weather this week that has kept us trapped inside trying to stay warm. While staying warm I began to think about my old life of not eating well or being healthy and I made a list of reasons to eat healthy.

  1. Live longer.
  2. Feel good/higher energy level.
  3. Have a clear mind and mental abilities.
  4. Enjoy eating better tasting natural foods.
  5. Being able to do activities desired.
  6. Spend more time with family and friends.
  7. Avoid sickness and disease.
  8. Clothes fit better.
  9. Better work attendance.
  10. Save money by not paying for doctors and drugs.
  11. Relief from pain.
  12. Sleep better.
  13. Better able to handle everyday stress.
  14. Heal faster.
  15. Better digestion.
  16. Enjoy complements on physical appearance.
  17. Relax easier.
  18. Avoid injury better.
  19. Be a more balanced person and control temper.
  20. Can better physically handle emergence happenings.
  21. Avoid depression easier.

Keep in mind the list is what one can experience when eating healthy, but do remember health is more than just eating right. I know my list is far from complete. Share what you have experienced in your life by eating healthy by leaving a comment below, we are all interested.