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I was speaking with one of my fellow healthy lifestyle journeyers the other day, who confided in me and asked if we ever felt a healthy lifestyle was a lost cause in Today’s world. Here is some of what was covered in the conversation.

When it comes to eating healthy do you feel that you are fighting a losing battle? The more you learn… the more you feel there is no way possible to eat healthy.  Everyone that has decided to walk the road of healthy eating has gotten to the place of frustration, depression, anguish… call it what you want.

Then a light comes on and a new realization comes to mind… Wait I am getting ahead of myself.

Let me share our journey. We used to think we were eating healthy. Eating vegetables, whole wheat, little junk food, drank milk and cooked in my teflon pans without oil, that’s healthy right? Then slowly came the truth that teflon was bad for our health, so out went the pans. More info came my way and junk food was the next to drop out of our lives. Slowly other changes were made and one day we felt that we had accomplished the most healthy diet possible. There we were walking around with our heads up thinking we were so healthy and another discovery was made, which, showed that there was more improvement yet to be made.

“We felt that we could never win the battle with our food.”

We realize that there is nothing in life that can be done perfectly, we always fall short. The Bible mentions that we live in a fallen world. Today man’s impact has reached every part of the earth. There are no pollution-free places anymore. The most remote island or the highest mountain top is affected by some form of pollution in its air, water or land. Do we just give up and throw in the towel. NO! We push forward.

What trick did we use to get past our feelings of failure or hopelessness. The trick is one that many use daily. We looked at our past and compared it to our present. Our diet changed into a healthy lifestyle that was better than the past. So we are at a better place now, maybe not perfect, but better. Life is full of doing the best we can and living peacefully with our choices. And that is the trick.

Just rest in the knowledge that you are always on a path that has turns and changes. We will always continue to make changes in our healthy lifestyle as we discover new things and we will continue to fight the good fight in all parts of our lives. Keep reading great info on living a healthy lifestyle, finding new recipes, and being active. Share with others what you have discovered in your walk to a healthier lifestyle and…

Congratulations you have joined the Healthy Lifestyle Club!!!

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  1. I agree, it’s easy to get discouraged. Thank you for the reminder that all we can do is the best we can, with God’s help.

    • Wendy, you are welcome. Some of us do take things to high levels of perfection. Hay who pointed that finger at me. 🙂

      thanks, Jeff

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