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30 Day Raw Milk Fast Is A Diet After-all

In October of 2010 I went on a 30 Day RawMilk fast. It is now 60 days later and I thought it was time to revisit the results and give you an update of where I am today because of the Raw Milk Fast. I did not go on the diet because of it healing or its weight-loss abilities, which I have read many articles about. Being a raw milk lover I went on the raw milk fast to experience what it would be like to only exist off raw milk for 30 days.

Over the course of the 30 days the biggest positive I noticed was the detoxing that my body went through. This is understandable because much of the load was taken off the digestive track. Raw milk like human Mother’s milk is very easy to digest. Unpasteurized milk still contains the enzymes that aid in its digestion letting the body make short work of the raw milk. Released from the high energy demand of digestion my body was able to switch to maintenance and healing mode. In my case detoxing was evidently needed. We live in a polluted world so no matter how well you eat or live your body will need periods of detoxification. So raw milk appears to have good detoxing abilities. If you want to read more about detoxing abilities of raw milk I would recommend Ron Schmid’s book, The Untold Story of Milk, which can be found in the book section of our Amazon store.

I mentioned that I did lose some weight while on the raw milk fast. It stayed off for the first 30 days after the fast. Eventually I did gain back a couple pounds of what I had lost. Not surprising, because the raw milk fast is just “a diet” after-all. What am I saying by this? I am not saying the raw milk fast is a bad type of fast to use, not at all. In fact I would not have any issues going on it again in the future if I felt the need. But, what I am saying is it is just like all diet’s in that when you go back to your normal eating habits they will control if any weight-loss is maintained.

We hear about it all the time. Someone went on a diet and later gained back all the weight and often more. Lifestyle change needs to happen if you are to realize continued life long weight-loss. To get that lifestyle change we all need to make a plan, evaluate, set goals, and implement. And guess what after doing all that we have to start the process again, over and over. Yes, success in lifestyle changes in a never ending track. Now take heart before you give up and end it all in that box of donuts, the lifestyle changes get easier each time you run the cycle to maintain. If only healthy food was offered in the market and restaurants then temptations would be easier to resist.

Start picking what you can change in your lifestyle to make lasting changes to your bottom line. 🙂