Raw Milk – 8 Reasons It Is “The Perfect Food”

So, what makes raw milk so perfect?

First let us establish what “Raw Milk” is, milk that has not been processed in anyway, no heating, no filtering, no separation of any kind. This “Raw Milk” is from grass (pesticide free) fed cows that have been spared the issues of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). Getting the picture of why it is called “Raw Milk”. In this definition the milk is still a LIVE Food.

Raw milk has been consumed by humans for thousands of years and was a valuable trade commodity. The size of ones herd was considered a measure of wealth. In fact often the rich rulers only entrusted the tending of the herds to their children. Let’s look at some reasons why raw milk is a complete and balanced food.

  1. Proteins: Raw milk contains proteins that provide resistance to many viruses, bacteria and bacterial toxins. It also, contains all 20 standard amino acids required for human health in a form ready to be used.Pasteurization destroys 20% of these proteins and changes the make up of the remaining proteins causing the body to have trouble in the processing of these proteins.
  2. Carbohydrates: Raw milk primary carbohydrate is Lactose. The enzyme lactase is contained in the milk which aids in the digestion of Lactose. Lactase is destroyed in pasteurization causing lactose intolerant people to have difficulty digesting the milk. I have friends that are lactose intolerant who have no problems when drinking raw milk.
  3. Fats: Over 66% of the fat in raw milk is saturated. Saturated fats needed by the body as they support stable cell membranes and are necessary for the production of key hormones. Processed pasteurized milk has most of these fats removed for use in other products.
  4. Enzymes: Raw milk contains over 60 beneficial enzymes for digestion, immune system support, and growth. Pasteurization destroys most of these enzymes.
  5. Vitamins: Raw milk contains vitamin A, vitamin D, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, B6, B12, pantothenic acid, folic acid,  Some of these are damaged or destroyed by pasteurization that is why the milk has to be fortified with vitamin A and D.
  6. Minerals: Raw milk contains many minerals need for proper cell function, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, magnesium and of course, calcium.
  7. Cholesterol: Raw milk contains cholesterol needed by the body to maintain membrane integrity.
  8. Beneficial Bacteria: Raw milk is a living food that produces its own bacterial protection. This bacteria aids in immune system support of which 80% is contained in the human intestinal track.

Wow did you know that a glass of raw milk could contain so much? Our Parents knew what they were saying when telling us to finish our milk because it is good for us. Now we just need to make sure we are drinking our “Raw Milk”. To find a farm in your area were you can get some great milk, visit RealMilk.com. When selecting your milk keep in mind that anything that the cow has eaten or been injected with will be passed on in some form in the milk and meat of the cow to you.

There have been case studies done to show that a person can survive and thrive by consuming only “Raw Milk”. I have tried living for 2 weeks only consuming raw milk, my energy level was normal and I felt great. The only side affect was I sure missed ‘chewing’ my food.

If you want to read more about raw milk let me recommend The Untold Story of Milk: The History, Politics and Science of Nature’s Perfect Food – Raw Milk from Pasture-Fed Cows, by Ron Schmid.

So enjoy your raw milk and let me know what you thought about this article by leaving a comment below.

thanks, Jeff

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  1. I grew up on a farm drinking loads of fresh raw milk. Now, I am lactose intolerant and have been for years. About 2 months ago I started drinking raw goat milk and raw cows milk, making yogurt and all the good things I’ve missed. The only problem I’ve had is having to deal with constipation. It’s this normal when a person goes from years of no dairy to raw milk? I will work around this because I am not going to give up.

    • Jean, if you are having constipation it could be you are over consuming the milk. I only say this since anytime a diet is changed it should be a gradual change.

  2. I have a question. My sister is doing the gaps diet ( which seems to be super popular right now) with her family. The diet restricts whey and lactose. except fermented. In yogurt or kefir. So no milk. The issue that i have is there is no distinction between raw and pasturized. There is a part where the dr mentions people have a sensitivity to casein and cant digest it. I am sure she is talking about pastureized! And did not take the “raw” form into consideration! I *thought* that raw milk will actually heal your digestion. (?)
    Are you familiar with gaps? Would you place raw milk be in the same ( with less enzymes and pribiotics of course) category as yogurt?
    All of the other steps she explains seem pretty normal to natural health. But no (raw ) milk seems a little too far. Maybe i just love my raw milk. Lol

    • Za, It is great that the GAPS diet is gaining in use. It can be a great tool to aid in repairing digestive track issues. It makes sense that milk is a no go in GAPS, even raw milk. RAW milk contains sugar just like pasteurized milk. Sugar feeds bacteria, yeasts and molds in the gut. In a balanced intestinal track this milk sugar is not as much of an issue, but in an unbalanced system the sugar will help to contribute to the unbalance by feeding the bad bacteria, yeasts, etc. In digestive systems in great unbalance, the positive affects of the probiotics and good bacteria are lost when combined with the sugar content of the milk. Fermented milk products like yogurt and kefir have low sugar content, as most of the sugar was consumed by the bacilli in the fermentation process. Kefir is a better food for the GAPS diet as it is much higher in good bacilli than yogurt.

      Yes, I would hate to give up RAW Milk, but when dealing with specific digestive track issues much faster progress can be gained by putting it aside for a period of time. 🙂

  3. I purchase raw milk and raw cream for the first time a week ago. I mixed my own half and half and was going to attempt to make cottage cheese with the milk. I put the half and half in my morning coffee and it had a kind of off taste. I just thought I needed to get used to it. When I was ready to try the cottage cheese a few days later, the milk just did not look or smell good. I think it and the cream both spoiled. This is a bummer because it was very pricy at the store; luckily I did not offer it on my family. I would have never gotten them to try it again. Does raw milk not last as long as pasteurized milk? Maybe my refrigerator is not cold enough, I my go out and purchase an appliance thermometer to check the tempature.

    • Deion, We get our raw milk right from the farm and it lasts at least 2 weeks, can last 3 weeks if kept ice cold. Do check the temp of your refrigerator you may find it is warmer than you think. Below 40 is good, around 34-36 is best, but that could give vegetables some issues. Keeping milk in the door like many do will make it warmer usually. Since you purchased your raw milk from the store there are some questions to keep in mind; 1. how old was it? 2. It can get warm coming off the truck and sitting in the back before being put in the cooler. Heat is raw milk’s enemy. We take a cooler with us to get our milk to be sure it stays cold on the trip home. Pasteurized milk will keep longer as it is a “dead food” there is little is any live bacteria good or bad left, so the milk will not decay as quickly. Ultra-pasteurized milk does not even need to be kept in the refrigerator, there is no live bacteria of any kind in it, a completely “dead food”. You will find most of the heavy creams are ultra-pasteurized because they don’t sell quickly and also many of the organic milks. See this article for more about pasteurization, Healthy Foods Gone Bad – Part 3 Hope that helps. – Jeff

  4. Ohhh! This is such a good article on raw milk which my family uses and adores! Will be sharing it on my Thoughts on Friday blog post! Keep it real! Alex@amoderatelife

    • Alex, thanks for sharing with your readers, glad the word is getting out. Food can and will change your life.

      Jeff of Cooking God’s Way


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