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7 Best Ways To A Healthy Lifestyle

After being asked by many clients and through emails I thought it was about time I listed the 7 best ways to get to a healthy lifestyle. Yup, the list you have been looking for that is going to change everything is at last here on Cooking God’s Way. So without any more fanfare lets take a look at the list.

I know you are beside yourself with the wisdom and you must be thinking number 7 is just a complete game changer. But don’t discount the clear focus of 5 and perhaps 6.

This list is the product of consulting with hundreds of clients face to face, responding to lots of Facebook posting, emails and questions.

No I did not forget to post the 7 best ways to a healthy lifestyle list. The truth is there is not any one list. For me to tell you to follow one hard fast path to a healthy lifestyle would be doing you an injustice. You are a unique creation with your own skills and distinct life. Your life is just that… your life.

This blog/website or what ever you want to call it, is here to serve as a guide or informational source. We would never offer just one path to a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is at a different place in their journey. Some may take years to adjust their lifestyle to be healthier, while others could take just months. By offering many different recipes and informational articles we hope to give you a more rounded picture of a healthy lifestyle.

I was asked just the other day if going to the gym was a great way to lose weight. After asking some questions my client related that going to the gym was not their favorite thing. We found out that walking was much more enjoyable for that person. Walking can be a very good workout if you turn it up to a brisk level. Yet another client loves the gym and only exercises well when in that electric atmosphere. Is one way better than the other? NO!

Most of the people I have met that are living a healthy lifestyle have discovered the unique fit that works with their lives. Some eat a very strict diet from a select few foods, while others have a smorgasbord of ingredients available to come up with that unique meal. But one thing holds true with everyone that I have met that is successful… they found their unique fit.

“What good is the best healthy habit?”, eating, cooking, exercising, stress-relief, etc… if you don’t employ it on a regular basis. That is the one thing I have experienced and observed in walking the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have more to add? What have you experienced as working to help you toward your healthy lifestyle? I would enjoy discussing it with you in the comments below.