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We have all read the health articles about how eating healthy helps avoid issues with disease later in life, but what about health and healing today. Let me get personal and share some of mine and my families personal experiences with maybe a friend added here or there. I hope that this article will encourage you to keep that healthy lifestyle going even though you may not be seeing a lot of the rewards right now.

Cooking God’s Way is not just some nice recipes but a way of life in our home. So how has this affected our health. To begin with lets start with the kids. Everyone knows when your kids are sick, because kids tell everyone, they don’t hide runny noses very well, ;).  Our friends remark that they never see our kids with runny noses or sickness, we must be so blessed to have healthy kids. Truth of the matter is years ago, our kids had all the issues with fighting colds and the flu that the other kids had along with the doctor visits. I guess you would say we were average Americans. We ate what we thought was healthy along with our fast food here and there.

Make a Change.

One day we decided to change and start eating right for the future. Slowly we started taking out things we knew were bad. The fast food and soda which we did not eat a lot of but still did partake in here and there, went first. You know what, we started feeling better! That fueled us to make the bigger changes, removing processed quick box foods from our diet. Cooking God’s Way was born around this time and suddenly we were on a mission to get the healthiest we could be for the future.

Funny thing happened on the way to the future. Each year that we continued in the healthy lifestyle, we got sick less. Slowly we went from having the flu three times a year to once or twice. And we saw the times that we did fight the flu or colds shorten greatly. Other health issues healed and I will share that info another day. The kids would rip through the flu in a day and later a half day, then it stopped completely. This year we have not seen any symptoms of the cold or flu in our household. Not all of the family appreciates this new heath level; the kids have lost the sick days off from school. 😉

Just recently I got to experience a great plus of eating right that is not focused on much, injury healing. When I workout I am careful to take it slow and protect myself to avoid injuries. Yea, I get sore like everyone else, but I am talking about the injuries that interrupt your life for a week or two, or even more. I was at the gym with the trainer and was taking my evaluation test to see what level of fitness I am at currently. Well my big foot caught the side of the step and rolled my ankle, and did it hurt. I continued and pushed through to the end of the test. My trainer knew I had hurt myself but I down played it. I had done this move many times in the past and knew what to expect from the injury. The ankle would swell and I would be off my feet for a few days, then after a week or so I would stop limping.

Something is Different!

Guess what!? My body did not follow it’s old path. The ankle did hurt like crazy the first day, just like it did in the past, but there was almost no swelling. Instead my ankle and lower leg turned red from all the blood flooding the area bringing nutrients needed for healing. That night I slept very well and had no pain in the foot. The next morning I was amazed, my ankle was still tender but now felt bruised, in the past this usually took a week or more to get to this point. After 3 days I could walk without anyone knowing the ankle was slightly sore. In less than a week I was near 95% healed. To get to this point used to take about a month.

Why did I heal so fast?

I believe it was a combination of two major issues. First, my body had the correct nutrition it needed and was already inherently healthy so it did not have to steal from Peter to pay Paul. The second big advantage — my body was not already in a state of inflammation. What I am talking about here is that people eating a Standard American Diet, are already experiencing inflammation on a daily basis and don’t realize it. A friend of mine experienced the same affects on her ankle. By keeping inflammatory foods out of her diet she cut the swelling in half overnight and she healed much quicker than normal.

Eating healthy not only helps to keep our bodies free of issues, but shortens the healing time of sickness and injury. Now that is a great bonus that we can experience today. Do you want to start experiencing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle? Why not start with some understanding! Cooking God’s Way offers a free healthy eating eClass to help bring you into the know. Check it out, I bet you will learn something new.

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