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Do I Need Salt? Life or Death?

Wow, what a question? It would appear that we do after all it is in most foods, right? I mean fast food is packed full of salt (sodium) and the FDA looks over us so it must be ok, right?

Let me say yes, we need salt to live, it is the basis of the electrolytes with in our body. But, all salt is not created equal.

There are basically two kinds of salt, the natural, unaltered, wholesome salt in its natural state (unrefined) and common “table” salt which is sodium chloride with additives (refined). It is that easy, now lets look at each and see why they tell us we need to watch our sodium intake.

“Table” Salt – Sodium Chloride – Poison

“Table” salt started its life as natural salt, but is then processed, purified and cleaned. What is delivered to us is a product that is even in crystal size with a white gleaming appearance, 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals such as moisture absorbents, and iodine, which unfortunately is seen by the body as a poison. After we consume foods containing this “table” salt our body starts work immediately to expel this poison. To keep it simple, the body uses our cell water to enclose and flush the sodium chloride from our systems. Every notice how you are so thirsty after eating some foods? The body is trying to save itself!

The issue is we consume more added sodium chloride than the body can expel in a day, on the average 4 to 10 times more, resulting in an overburden on our organs of excretion. So, what happens to that over load that can’t be dumped? The body becomes bloated by all the water containing the sodium chloride that can’t be expelled. Next the body produces uric acid to bind with the sodium chloride which is then stored in the bones and joints. Ouch! Yes, this process can lead to arthritis, gout, kidney and gall bladder stones.

It is easy to consume too much sodium chloride because the food industry uses it as a cheap preservative. Prepared food in restaurants is even worse as they add more “table” salt to try and give a pop taste to overly processed drab meals.

Natural Crystal Salt – Life

Unrefined Crystal salt still contains the trace elements and minerals which combine with the sodium chloride to create a balanced Salt, which is not poisonous to the body. Here is a neat fact about natural Crystal salt, it contains the same minerals and elements as our body, even in the same proportion. This makes this salt a natural fit for our bodies so to speak, a puzzle piece of the right shape. Salt is life! It is the basis of the cells ability to communicate with each other, without it we die.

I hope you will never look at the sodium content of foods the same. Here is a neat free phone app I found that lists the sodium content of the meals served at popular eating establishments. Android, iPhone

Today I am not going to talk about the many different types of Crystal Salt, let’s save that for our next time together. All I will say is that “Salt” has become very exciting to me now that I understand all that it is and how it balances my life!

Read more about different types of salt in the article “What Salts Are Best?”.


“Water and Salt, The Essence of Life” by Dr. Barbara Hendel & Peter Ferreira

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