The 7 Secrets to Successful Weight Loss

Before you spend any money on dieting or weight loss there are 7 facts you need to be familiar with. I hope these facts help you avoid the common pitfalls of dieting that most plans don’t adhere to. These are secrets I had to learn the hard way, but I am sharing then with you.

1. Don’t diet.

Successfully losing weight and keeping it off for life requires a lifestyle change. When we go on diets we are always looking for the day we can stop the diet and eat what the old foods we liked. This causes a never ending cycle of weight loss and weight gain. If diets worked, you not see new ones being created every year. Instead of going on the latest fad diet learn how to live a truly enjoyable healthy lifestyle.

Diets are a never ending failure.

2. Plan your meals.

Get with the family and make a list of what will be eaten every day of the week, dinner is usually the most planned meal. By planning your meals it will save you time, money and could help keep you healthier. Time will be saved because you will know exactly what to make, this will insure you have all the ingredients on hand and not make impulsive eating choices, like grabbing that convent pizza. Money will be saved because you will avoid the fast food monster and ingredients can be purchased in bulk as other meals will use some of the same food stuffs. You will get healthier and lose weight because better nutritional meals will be prepared.

Goals can only be reached with good planning.

3. Leave the food on the stove.

Plate the food in the kitchen and bring only the plates to the table. ONLY ONE PERSON plates the food for the family. This will let you control portion size. In our home my wife most always prepares the meals, but I usually plate the food. This keeps portion sizes correct. If seconds do happen, again one person takes on the duty. The biggest plus about leaving the food in the kitchen is that there are less chances to load more on the plate. Funny how when you stand up to get more you feel fuller.

Our eyes can often be bigger than our needs.

4. Don’t be hungry before dinner.

I know, I can hear you laughing. What I mean is don’t be ravenous before the meal. Be ahead of the game, snack some to keep your hunger under control. Healthy snacks like homemade trail mix can go with you anywhere so you are ready when you get the munchies. Snacks help me keep my weight under control and energy level high all day.

Snacks keep the body’s metabolism high.

5. Start your meals with a salad or raw vegetable.

When you start a meal with uncooked vegetables the body prepares for digestion and better nutrient absorption occurs. In turn this happening leads to eating less food overtime and weight loss. Now you know why better restaurants serve a salad to being the meal.

Correct nutrition starts before you eat a bite.

6. Keep a food journal.

By keeping a record of everything you eat or drink you can discover what you are truly eating and when or where your issues with bad food choices happen. Only by keeping a record can trends be discovered and successes be appreciated.

Records show us the truth of our habits.

7. Have an accountability person.

Find someone who can be honest and supporting in your lifestyle change. Someone who understands what you are going through will be best able to help you along your path.

Without support you will never reach your goals.

Weight loss is something that nearly half of the people in our nation deal with every year. That is because they do not truly learn the facts of a healthy lifestyle. Once you understand how to eat healthy, weight loss becomes a secondary side affect. You don’t have to work to loss weight it just comes naturally. Let Cooking God’s Way make it even easier by instructing you how to easily reach your goals while eating foods that you will love. No prepackaged diet foods are needed, just real wholesome nutrition prepared correctly.

Call me today to schedule your no cost 15 minute intro phone consultation. We will discuss how you can start your healthy lifestyle.



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