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There are a few basic areas where one can start to gain a healthy life. These fall into four areas; Education, Nutrition, Toxicity, and Environmental. Great health gains can be made with the application of some good understanding. Here we list some topics to make you aware of issues you may need to consider. These lists are in no way complete, but just some basic places to start. Many of the topics link to more in-depth articles for your reading.

Education – Know where you are going!

Nutrition – We are what we EAT!

Toxicity – Given the basics the body detoxes naturally!
  • Drink the correct amount of water daily
  • Get a good source for pure water
  • Whole foods detox naturally.
  • Eat organic vegetables and fruits whenever possible.
Environmental – Keep toxicity out and cut interference!
  • Personal care products – lose chemical based items
  • Use natural household cleaners
  • Wear clothing made of natural fibers
  • Cut electrical pollution from the sleeping area
  • Get fresh air daily
  • Use natural based beauty products. Check out EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.


  1. So, how have you addressed the issue of healthful eating with extended family and friends? For example, if you are staying with some extended family, and you know that they will not have “God” food, do you take food yourselves? do they know your preferences and accomodate?

    • The big question is are you ready to defend your eating lifestyle? We must decide where and what we want our battles to be over. Personally we have found that if you present your choice to eat healthy in a respectful manner, not condemning the person you are sharing with it goes over well. Often others respect your discipline. What I have found works well with my friends is; I ask them to give me some choices of where they would like to eat out, then I can make a choice that will fit my lifestyle. Our family members know where we stand and they just take us to the store where we purchase what we like. When meals are being made we help out and in that way can influence the ingredients toward a healthy side. We know that for a few days we may not eat exactly what our normal life style would be. Here is what I tell my clients. You eat at least 1,000 meals a year, if you eat a few meals that are not ideal when on vacation, what is that compared to the whole year. Be flexible and draw your lines reasonably.

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