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If you don’t do something about your health…you will continue to have issues that will kill you overtime. This is what I was told by the doctors. We ate what we understood to be healthy. Whole wheat, some veggies, watched the fats–all that we are told to do by the doctors and main stream health systems. Shannon had even started to show signs of health issues, she was experiencing digestion problems brought on by the stress of life. Slowly our family was degrading, the kids got sick more often, things just were not going very well.

Drawn deeper into that endless hole of depression I gained over 60 pounds in less than 2 years. Now high blood pressure, arthritis, joint issues, and brain fog were showing up. What a trap I had fallen into and from what I saw there was no way out. The medical system wanted to drug me, cut me, along with other unacceptable things to fix my problems. I knew there had to be a better way to get my health back, but after looking for nearly 3 years I had not found anything that worked.

I had always had an issue with weight since I was a kid. Only when I worked out on a very regular basis would I keep myself in shape. Running had become my sport of choice and I even ran some 5k and 10K races. Then I reached the 40 year mark and it seemed that no matter what I did I could not keep the weight off, no matter how much I ran or watched what I ate.

One day it turned around. We realized that a lifestyle change was needed, not just another diet. Our search became one that looked at how our Ancestors ate, (I am talking about the people that made our great country.) After all they did not have half of the issues with disease we have today. So what changed? We started looking at various healing diets, but soon realized we needed recipes that fit our way of life.

After studying many diet concepts we dove in full force and made lifestyle changes. Suddenly we were eating a completely different way than we had all our lives. We were eating like our Great Great Grand Parents and to our amazement health was the reward. I started losing weight easy. Over the next four months I lost over 50 pounds and was not hungry. This was not a diet but a great new lifestyle. Our health improved and issues disappeared. On top of all this our kids were not getting sick anymore.

Wow, we had been set free!!!

After experiencing such change in our lives we knew we could not keep this to ourselves it had to be shared. Cooking God’s Way was born and our health adventure. Our duty began, we owed it to people to share the health we were living and experiencing. Most of all, the comments from around the world touched our hearts and helped us to know we had to keep going with Cooking God’s Way.

Jeff Facts: Realizing that traditional nutrition studies from the past had not helped my life, I went back to school to study whole food nutrition at the Global College of Natural Medicine and am board certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. After researching to uncover how our ancestors stayed in health my wife Shannon and I started holding classes to teach the food preparation techniques that we had discovered. Speaking engagements followed and many articles were published to CookingGod’sWay.com as it grew from a simple recipe site to a healthy living website viewed in over 100 countries. Jeff works with doctors and privately in the Dallas/Fort Worth area offering nutritional consultations and has coached hundreds of people to understand how to achieve heath-freedom in their lives. Shannon and jeff wrote and published their first book together, Cooking God’s Way – Daily Recipes.

Shannon Facts: After having our lives changed through the use of whole foods, I began studying the old methods of nutrition and discovered Lacto-Fermentation. This centuries old forgotten method of food preservation gives our body supercharged nutrition along with healthful bacilli. After working for nearly a year we published my second book, Lacto-Fermenting: The Easy & Healthy Way was published. Jeff and I hold classes and lecture throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. CookingGodsWay.com is where I publish new recipes weekly, while continuing my research of how to incorporate live foods into the daily diet.


  1. Jeff, I have been investigating water filtration systems and have been impressed with everything I’ve been reading about the Big Berkey filters. I have friends who have one and love it. I am planning to buy one in the very near future, but my question for you concerns a whole house filtratation system. I currently have shower filters in our bathrooms, but would really like to address the fact that we are still using city water in our sinks for washing our hands and brushing our teeth. Do you have suggestions for me concerning a whole house system or could you tell me what you and your family use.
    Thanks so much. I’m enjoying your website.
    Becky from Nashville, TN

  2. Jessica Meeks says

    Hi Jeff! It was so nice talking to you! I’m so glad I’ve found your website (found while searching for lacto-ferment info), I’m really excited about my sourdough starter. I started looking into “real” food 5 years ago when my son was born. I was icked out by baby food and formula. Why would I feed my baby something that I didn’t even want to touch!!!! Since then we’ve been slowly going backward 100 years in our diet and living, we now have chickens for fresh eggs and rabbits for meat along for the deer and fish that are wild caught. Now we have real bread and I’ve began my first batch of lacto-fermented pickles from cukes that I picked. I hate to leave such a long post but can I say… I work full time and so does my wonderful hubby! People can do this, it has taken 5 years for us to get to this point but it is doable and trust me, it is worth it! Thank you for your encoragement and for the bounds of sourdough that my family is earger to enjoy!

    • Jessica, thanks for all the great comments. It is great to see others not accepting the substandard food put in front of them. Yes there is some work involved and we all can’t do chickens in the backyard. But I have to tell you seeing my family around me in good health is worth it all. Sourdough is so amazing in how it can help with a healthy diet. We are excited since this Sat. a local health minded Doctor has asked us to come and talk to his patients about it.

  3. I saw you company car in the Southlake area. I live around there. Do you guys do classes in that area? I’m 32 and am just now living God’s way of cooking. I started worth he Daniel Fast. That helped a lot. Really enjoy reading up on your web page. Thnx.

    • Yes, do check the calendar often as soon we will be offering classes in the Keller/North Richland Hills/Southlake area. It is in the works and should be there soon. Thanks for asking.

  4. Thank you Jeff and Shannon!! I have always been raised up on eating so to speak healthy foods.. Growing up , My mother put Mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese, green beans, slaw, on our table.. which she was doing the best she knew how… after I got married, her an my Dad went on to find that there was more to food than that.. so from watching them and hearing what they had to say and what they found , I was curious, and always knew that you couldn’t get away with eating chips and a bologna sandwhich … recently my Mother was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer, and she and my Dad went in more depth to find more info about food and how it worked in your body … finding a diet that kept her living 2 long years after being diagnosed she lived a good life , when the doctors would have gave her aprx 3-6 mos. but recently she passed away.. seeing all this made me more curious.. By the grace of God, I came across your website, it was exactly what I have been looking for.. My husband and I have been on this diet for only days.. have already lost weight, and feeling the difference. and must I mention the fullness you get when eating this kind of food,.. and the cooking is easy , it is such and joy, sometimes I feel as though I am living in the 1800’s cooking from scratch.. THANK YOU BOTH… I never knew that cooking could be so fulfilling.. I ordered your cookbook and I am excited to get it..!! Shontae

  5. Which book did your friend share with you that lead to your new lifestyle? I have always been curious. I enjoy your blog and your recipes! Thanks.

    • Rachael, It was an old book on healing diets, that is out of print. If I find it again I will let you know. It was just a jumping off point, the website goes way past it. Thanks for asking. Blessings – Jeff

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