Body Balance Nutrition for Whole Health

Have days where you feel off? Ever notice how good you feel after some meals? If a meal can make you feel good for a few hours, then think about how eating incorrect foods could throw your body off balance and give an environment for illness. In some Eastern cultures food is viewed as medicine. These cultures look at how they nourish their bodies to correct illness. Wow, what a concept. What you eat could affect your health, that goes beyond just how you feel on one day.

But in our modern world we we eat what is called “SAD”, the Standard American Diet. This diet consists of what ever we want at any given moment. Later we take medications and other substances to calm the storm in an effort to restore balance and feel well. But this habit does not really make us feel better. Every year people are getting sicker, and then, more and more medication is consumed while the body fights with the burden of poor health.

Did you know your body is always striving to achieve balance. This balance is called homeostasis and the body is always working towards your survival, to give you the best health it can, along with balance and vitality. Vitamins and minerals will be scavenged from your body when the body is working to achieve this “balance.” You can see this take from Peter to pay Paul type of action will cause issues in the future. Today we call this a ponzi scheme and it is illegal. What would happen to the body if optimal nutrition is achieved, vitamins and minerals are available for the proper functioning of your cardiac system, lymphatic system and liver. Imagine if you were eating so well that all your homeostatic system would need to do is pursue greater health. Rather than scavenging for the few nutrients available to keep you alive, it was instead going around and actively promoting health through cellular repair and proper detoxification. This is the potential of a properly balanced body.

Unbalance in the body does not happen just because a person ages. Illness does not happen just because of genetics. These things are signs that the body is trying to use to get our attention. When the body balance is achieved through proper nutrition physical issues can finally heal. Cravings, head hunger, emotional eating, tend to disappear with correct nutrition, because your body is no longer trying to find what it needs.

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