Sports Nutrition for Athletes

Athletes work hard at their sport to become the best they can be. If someone gave you a Ferrari would you get the cheapest gas or even use diesel fuel? NO! You would find out what was the proper fuel for the vehicle to protect the investment. Why would our bodies be any different. Unlike a car we can’t trade in our body for a new one if it wears out.

Today protein is sung from the hill tops. Health shops have protein powders in every flavor you could want with this added special ingredient or that one. How did people of the past ever make it without these wonder powders? They ate balanced whole food diets coupled in the correct manner that encouraged muscle growth and body healing. These athletes of old were pictures of health. And all done without steroids or enhancers that damage the body for the rest of ones life.

Proper nutrition for an athlete can make a “Good Athlete” a “Great Athlete”. If given the correct nutrition the body is able to utilize nutritional building blocks more efficiently, shortening recovery time, providing quicker injury recovery, and increasing energy levels.

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