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What is a Healing Diet?

A healing diet is one that allows detoxification and healing to occur in the body naturally, the way God intended. Pollutants are bombarding our bodies on a daily basis, in the form of the foods we eat (processed, sugar/chemical-laden), the water we drink, and the air around us. Healing diets help to give the body a break so that it can heal. The body is returned to an ALKALINE state, which is how it runs best. Most disease accrues when the body is in an Acidic state, along with stress. Healing diets can also often be considered sugar free diets.  There are many good sites that go into more detail with all the medical jargon, so lets move on.

Recipes on this site that are Healing Diet listed will contain no sugar of any kind, no grains (which turn to sugar when digested), no fruit (except blueberries, granny-smith apples, and grapefruit – all in moderation), and not certain vegetables that contain sugar. By removing all sugar the body is allowed to heal naturally. Good pure water is used to help flush the toxins from the body. The recipes here are made to work within many Healing Diets such as; Detox Diets,  MaximizedLiving Diets,  Detoxification Diets and also will work with other similar diets.

Foods in the Recipes

  • Vegetables – Organic if possible (See the Dirty Dozen List) and wash using a fruit-vegetable wash available at many health food stores.
  • Beef – Grass-fed only, NO grain-fed, also hormone, steroid, and antibiotic-free. (It is very important to stay away from grain-fed meats.)
  • Chicken/Turkey/Eggs – Free Range and/or Organic, also hormone, steroid, and antibiotic-free.
  • Dairy – Raw Milk only. Raw cheese if possible, if you can’t find, then use organic. (See Real Milk website to find a source near you.)
  • Oils & Fats – Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Butter, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed oil, Flax oil, and Hemp oil. All expeller/cold-pressed, organic +. (Important: see How to Cook with “Good” Fats the “Right” Way.)
  • Nuts – Raw Nuts, preferably soaked and dried using the Nourishing Traditions method. (See How to Soak Raw Nuts.)
How to Follow the Diet

All recipes that are healing diet approved, will be noted as such with and asterisk * after the recipe title and the recipe will also be labeled “sugar-free / grain-free” following the recipes directions.

To keep things simple, you can view all sugar-free / grain-free recipes at once by using the menu bar at the top of the site, or for an even quicker method use the index page.

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