A Guide To Water Filter Systems

Gone are the days of just drinking water out of the garden hose on that hot summer day. Today in our modern world we have very full busy lives and our water has gotten just as busy. What am I talking about? Polluted water. We need water daily to survive and to be truly healthy we need healthy water. Let's look at some … [Read more...]

Fluoride In Drinking Water = Poison

Ever since I was a kid I have been told that fluoride was needed to keep my teeth healthy. It was and still is in most tooth pastes and many water supplies. Heck they even came out with a fluoride rinse for kids and adults. Even the American Dental Association endorses many of these fluoride products. Let's pull back the … [Read more...]

Is Chlorine In Drinking Water Safe?

Chlorine has been hailed as a the miracle of the modern world. Its disinfecting properties have been used to help eliminate many water-borne diseases. Many cities' water systems throughout the world treat their water with chlorine to insure what is called "safe" drinking water. Today we are not going to argue if chlorine is … [Read more...]

Water, Water, Everywhere… Dare A Drop To Drink.

Yes, I did just misquote "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" that many of us have heard before, "Water, water, everywhere... not a drop to drink." I think that my version applies much better to today's life. We can get fresh drinking water just about everywhere. It comes out of your faucet at home, many stores have drinking … [Read more...]

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