The Importance of Setting Up a Food Log

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You’ve signed up for this course and probably have some goals in mind that you would like to achieve. But how can you know for sure if you don’t know exactly what you are eating from day to day?

Set Up a Personal Food Log!

A Food Log can be a great tool to help you in your “healthy” eating goals. It’s like a written contract of your intent to make a change. When you fill out another food log in a month you will see the changes you have made and the progress. View your follow up food logs as an addendum to your contract. You are changing it for the better!

A Food Log Helps To

Convict You – They say the written word is much more powerful than the spoken word. Writing down everything you eat in a day can be quite a revelation. You can’t hide from the truth.

Discipline You – Seeing what you are eating from day to day will help you stay disciplined in your health goals and keep you on track.

Show Your Progress – Comparing your “starting” food log with a “future” food log will show you just how far you’ve come in your goals.

Keep You Committed – Seeing your progress will keep you committed to your goals and it won’t be long until your new lifestyle becomes like second nature.

Attached is a basic food log of the type I use in my consultations. You need to write down everything you eat and drink for the next five days. Don’t forget to include how much water, yes water is a form of food. And don’t hide those snacks, put them down too.

Here is some advice. Don’t fake your list…be truthful! You can only help yourself if you are truthful with yourself. Your food log will give a real indication of your eating habits. If you are starting on this lifestyle change with your partner, get them to fill out a food log of their own. They may have different eating habits that you might not have been completely aware of.

>> DOWNLOAD: Cooking God’s Way – Food Log Worksheet

Lesson Assignment: After recording 5 days of your eating lifestyle, evaluate where you are. I am sure you can easily see the “non-healthy” items in your food log. Identifying some of the hidden areas of sugar and bad fats maybe harder. Are you drinking enough water? Coffee and soda does not count as water. 🙂

I look over food logs everyday so if you need help ask some questions by posting a comment below..

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  1. Working on my food log. I’ve kept them in the past and they do keep me accountable. I guess I get lazy and stop using them after a month or so. Need to keep it up to see the long term results.

  2. Thank you for offering this course for free. I have been looking on-line at a lot of courses, but right now can’t afford to pay anything. This is a BIG help!

  3. I’m over 60 and my husband died recently. I know all about “diets” – sick of them. I’m really keen to learn about probiotics and need to grow a love for yoghurt. I bought some water kefir and really like the versatility of kefir water. I’m working on getting some milk kefir because I want to make my own bread and cheese from the kefir grains. I am already conversant with chia seeds, I have a fantastic recipe for lavosh and I exchange the sesame seeds for Chia seeds, always had positive comments. I’m basically lazy should have been doing all this years ago but I did not know about 100 year old cultures handed down from mother to daughter or computers. So generally I feel this course will help me get back to basics. My family moved to New Zealand 3 generations ago and I have no history beyond that. No yoghurt, home made bread or probiotic vegetables – all of which I now believe are the staples of life – how bad is that? None of us can change the past only the present and learn as we go. Thank you for providing this course free of charge – you are an example to the rest of the world, and I look forward to all I have yet to learn.

    • Cathy, it is great to hear how you are working toward better heath. You may want to do some research on how gut heath is passed from the mother to the children, it is very interesting. The great thing is this chain can be broken very quickly. By putting all the great health promoting foods you mentioned into action you can change your future. 🙂

  4. I’ve been using MyFitnessPal app. on my iPhone for several months (with my sister and niece). I really like that it shows what nutrients I end up taking in at the end of the day and it also tells me how much sugar. (I know some of this may not be very accurate, but I think it’s still keeping me accountable.)

    I’ve recently been logging my water and increasing my intake there. I have noticed a huge difference in the my energy level. Much better! (Don’t feel the need for coffee in the afternoon anymore!)

    • Water is so important! I picked up a book over the break called, “Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life:Your Not Sick your Thirsty.” Good read, makes so much sense. Amazing that people are reducing Asthma issues and other problems just by drinking water. Add the book to the Amazon shop on the website. If you want to see which one it is, just go to Shop -> Amazon Product Store -> Books & DVDs – Jeff

      • I just finished reading the book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by the same author. Made so much sense! I’ve wanted to tell everyone about it! So simple, so basic!

        • You are so right, it makes sense. Neat how real health topics make sense, but you can’t patent that, so it usually does not make the main stream media.

  5. I’ve been using Daily Tracker by Lumen Spark on my iPhone. I can time stamp when I eat and if I experience any symptoms later. I will keep track of water since I haven’t been tracking that…even though I know I feel better if I drink 60+ oz. Unless you have/suspect food allergies or sensitivities, that may be overkill for others.

    • TabithaT,
      The big thing a food log provides is a written history. Many people just don’t see what they eat in a week. Study it and it will tell you a lot.


  6. Finised my food log today. Not as bad as I thought, but definitely room for improvement! LOL! Any ideas for a quick breakfast other than a smoothie or scrambled eggs? Thanks!

    • Great job on finishing the food log!

      Smoothies and eggs are great quick breakfasts. But another one I like is just a big bowl of yogurt (mine is homemade) with some fruit, chia seeds gel and a little stevia to sweeten.

      If anyone else has any other ideas, please feel free to chime in.

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