FAQs Nutritional Consulting

What can I expect during a Holistic Nutritional Consultation?

Consultations can take place at my office or on the phone, and are one-on-one. Using an integrative approach, I will customize a program for you including the following suggestions; dietary changes, lifestyle modifications and supplements to help you achieve optimal vitality and well being. You will learn how food affects metabolism, brain chemistry, and all systems in the body, helping you gain an understanding of how what you are eating may be affecting you and how other foods can help contribute to the solution.

Together we will develop an understanding into the why behind certain eating habits and cravings. You will understand food and its affect on the body and how the body communicates with you through its functions. This understanding will help you to provide what your body needs at different times leaving you feeling happier, healthier and more empowered to live life more abundantly. Holistic Nutritional counseling may Include:

  • Assessing diet and making changes to achieve specific health goals
  • Suggestions for diet plans to help support health and relieve illness
  • Vitamin assessment and suggestions

I don’t understand nutrition and get confused by all the choices. How can a holistic nutritional consultant help me?

We all have somewhat of an understanding of what eating right is, but just need help cutting through the clutter and hype. After you start to learn the principles of healthy eating you will be amazed at how you develop a feel and just know instinctively what is good or bad for your body. Food inspires mood and develops health. As you learn and experience what is healthy you will want to have more in your life.

How long before I see results?

After your first consult you will have suggestions that you can put into action right away.  Many clients experience some results very quickly, such as increased energy or perhaps some weight loss. Remember you did not get to where you are physically yesterday so you will not achieve your goals by tomorrow, but lifestyle changes affect tomorrow.

I already eat healthy, how can a Holistic Nutritional Consultant help me?

If you are already very nutritionally aware and have been making conscious healthy choices for some time, you are a prime candidate for appreciating the benefits that more subtle and strategic changes to your existing health and nutrition plan can effectuate. Implementing diet and lifestyle changes may also be less intimidating for you. The results you experience will take you to a level of optimum health that many find elusive or are unaware exists.

I have also found that it is not uncommon for many people to be implementing healthy lifestyle plans which include food and nutrition choices that they once established or became aware of in their teens or 20’s. This information may be outdated, incorrect, or simply not best suited to their current state of health. Without exception, their bodies have dutifully supported (or endured) many years of life (and food) experience since acquiring that knowledge, and therefore their starting points and goals tend to be drastically different by this point in their lives.

Health conscious clients often most appreciate that they can have a professional nutritionist available to them for a dedicated time on a regular basis, to help them sort through the wealth of health information (often biased and conflicting) available to them online and in the media, and to be able to discuss their experience and progress with someone who cares about their personal goals and understands their individual circumstances.

How long will I need Holistic Nutritional Consultations?

Every client is unique, and you may see the results you desire quickly or over more time, but it is your preference how long you work with me. However, my experience is the following:

My clients consistently report a great increase in their motivation after their very first visit. They begin noticing how integrating Holistic Nutrition into their wellness program can help heal their bodies and they are inspired to continue in order to improve their overall health. Without continued support and guidance over longer durations, however, clients often find it difficult to sustain this motivation and more often than not fall back into old patterns, invariably missing out on the many significant health benefits that take longer to achieve with lifestyle and nutrition modifications implemented over longer periods.

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