How Do You View Health?

Today I was reviewing my email and news feeds. In my box were some interesting articles from many large stream medical blogs, some of them even focus on a more natural approach to health. But many of them still approach health as an American would. Want to understand where I am going with all this, then look over the bullet points and see how they apply to you.

You May Have A Modern American View Of Health If…

  • You’re always looking for that one vitamin, nutrient, or thing that will improve your health.
  • When you think of health what do you picture? – a Doctor, Hospital, Health-care symbols
  • You feel that you need to go on a “diet” in order to get healthy.
  • You only think of health when you don’t feel good.
  • You think you are too busy to to spend time on your health.
Vitamins, Nutrients, And Other Health Improvers

Our modern medical system is built this way, you just need a pill to fix your ailments. I think this is one area we all have fallen into at one time or another. Sadly this mentality has moved into the health arena. We see it all the time, just take this one vitamin and it will help brain function or the heart. We are told that science has extracted some rare beneficial substance from some remote place, a jungle somewhere or mountain top. My question is, “How did man who has been around for over 6,000+ years of recorded history ever survive without that special whatever juice?” They had health!

Pictures Of Health… Doctors, Hospitals, And Health-Care symbols

We have been trained by our modern society to think of going to the Doctor and all that he represents when we need to be healthy. Health-Care is a modern complicated organization, how could you ever think about taking care of your own health? Again my question is, “How did man who has been around for over 6,000+ years of recorded history ever survive without modern health-care?” They saw health in their environment!

Diets Lead To Health

There are many diets that all claim to lead to better health. Most of them all have one thing in common, you can’t wait to get off of them. We have all heard the joke about diets, “You are always dieing on a diet.” Again my question is, “How did man who has been around for over 6,000+ years of recorded history ever survive without being on a diet?” Health was a normal part of life, a lifestyle!

Thinking Of Health When Sick

Be honest, how many of you think of health when it is a sunny way out and it is the weekend? But yet many of us think of health when we feel bad and then we want that one stop cure. I hear it all the time, ‘Jeff tell me what natural thing I can take to fix this flu, now!’ Yes I have to ask my question again, “How did man who has been around for over 6,000+ years of recorded history ever survive without that quick fix cure?” They understood that health if lived 24/7 would often keep them from sickness and when they did get sick they walked it out!

Too Busy To Look At Health Right Now

Life can be very busy in modern America. Work obligations, kids activities, home projects, vacations, etc… We all have happenings pulling us for their attention. Days never seem to have enough hours in them to get done all we have on our list. Well here is the question one last time, do read it well… “How did man who has been around for over 6,000+ years of recorded history ever survive without all our modern obligations and technology?” The truly important items of life took first place!

What is your view of Health? Share with us how you have changed your life to help bring your health into balance, leave a comment below.

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Disclaimer: The information in this post is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. None of the opinions are meant to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. You should always consult your healthcare provider.

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