5 Secrets That Are NOT Talked About!

Can you keep a secret?How did the New Year resolutions go? Spring is here, and this is a great time to begin some new habits. People often ask me how do I recommend making new changes, lets take a look the 5 secrets in a minute. Keep in mind; if you want different results in your life you’ll have to make some changes on the front end. That seems like an easy idea right? But you may be surprised how many people think they can get different results from doing the same-thing over and over again. They have a word for that… but let’s just call it silly!

How to make changes

When I worked in corporate America one of the jobs I held was training people in new changes that were being implemented company wide. I taught that for changes to happen they had to follow the 5 secrets, which are simple rules.

Just remember changes need to be SMART.

  • Changes need to be Specific.
  • Changes need to be Measurable.
  • Changes need to be Attainable.
  • Changes need to be Realistic.
  • Changes need to be Timely.

Specific Goals

Don’t say ‘I am going to eat more healthy’ or, ‘I am going to exercise’. Define what you are going to do. “I am going to stop buying fast food for dinner.” You are stating what your goal specifically is in that example; no more fast food for dinner. Yes, this is a way to eat healthier, but more directed.

Measurable Goals

The goal has to be counted in someway! How will you know if you made it or not? “I will be making dinner meals at home 4 days a week.” Now that is a specific and measurable goal. To meet that goal you have to make dinner meals at home 4 days out of the week. Easy to know if you are on track.

Attainable Goals

Let’s use the same example we have been; about making dinner meals at home 4 days a week. If you don’t know how to cook, this could be a hard goal to do the first week. First it might be good to learn to cook! 🙂 Instead, maybe all you need are some good recipes. There are many on this website, and in our “Daily Recipes” cookbook.

Realistic Goals

Pick a goal that you think you can meet; why set yourself up to fail? Maybe you have to start with 2 meals a week. Don’t feel down if your goal is not super impressive. I can’t tell you the number of goals I have been told that were impressive, but are to big to make. You want a goal that you can meet and maintain. A small goal that is kept overtime adds up.

Timely Goals

When will you start your new goal. When will you be meeting your goal. “I am going to be making home-cooked dinner meals 4 times a week at the end of 3 weeks.” That is your goal meeting all the requirements. With a time to accomplish the goal of 3 weeks, there is time to find recipes, gather ingredients, get tools, etc. Maybe the first week you only get one dinner made at home, the next week 3 and the final week 4. Pace yourself!

Meeting Goals

Above all keep in mind that you want to make your goals. If you somehow don’t meet your goal, regroup. What went wrong? Did you follow the 5 secrets? Remake the goal, taking into account what you learned from the last attempt. If you work your goals using the SMART method you will experience success; much more than just making resolutions.

P.S. -> Want to make the chance of success even higher. Write your goal down and post it where you will see it. Look at it each day and say it aloud to yourself. Before you know it, your goal will be a part of your lifestyle. 🙂

P.P.S. -> If you goal is to learn about Lacto-fermenting or making Sourdough items, we have all the tools you need including eCourses.

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