Lesson 10: Where to Go From Here?

Congratulations you have finished the Advancing Your Health With RealFood eClass. So what does this mean to you? To most it means that you now have a lot of new information on how to eat healthy bouncing around in your head. But the first question is how do you implement all that you have learned? Lets look at the big 4 as I call them.

1. I would suggest going back to your food log. You did one right? If not then do one now and look at it to find areas to apply what you have learned in these lessons. We still do food logs to check ourselves yearly, if you don’t keep a written log how do you truly know what you are eating. Look for the easy things to switch over to a more healthy item. Oils are an easy place to start as they are a direct trade out. Coconut oil is so healthy for you I just can’t say enough about it. Here are 3 articles to read if you have not already; Eat This Fat And Your Body Will Thank You!, Some Fats Make You Want To Dance, and Your Body Will Thank You, Dance & Lose Weight.

2. Continue moving sugar out of your diet. Hit the easy big sugar issues first, like soda, candy, and desserts. Move simple carbohydrates like white bread and chips over to whole grains which are complex carbohydrates. These type of carbohydrates take longer to digest lowering the glycemic spikes and thus keeping your blood sugar more level. If you keep your blood sugar levels more constant throughout the day you tend to have more energy. Keep in mind that all grains turn to sugar. The only question is how fast? Slow is better.

3. Move more correct meats and dairy into your diet and you will be well on your way to a more healthy lifestyle. In our lesson on meat and dairy we learned that the fat levels in grainfed beef go all out of balance. This is why doctors tell you to stay away from red meat. But what they don’t know is that beef that is grassfed has the correct balance of fats and oils making it ok to eat in a balanced diet. Caution on fish consumption, deep cold water is best. Heavy metal contamination is the main issue with fish.

4. Next you may want to look at adding more immune boosting foods to your diet. An example would be lacto-fermented foods like yogurt, but I am talking about a homemade yogurt. These homemade lacto-fermented foods contain more good bacteria that will strengthen the flora of your intestinal track which is where 80% of the immune system is housed. To get a good introduction to what lacto-fermentation is read these articles; Lacto-fermented Vegetables & Fruits…Give Them a Try, Lacto-fermentation: The Methods. If you are in the local DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas) area do check with us as we have local classes that take the mystery out of lacto-fermenting.

Remember these changes may take weeks, months or even years to accomplish. Don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than you wanted, every change is a good change if you keep it. If you began your journey at say 25% healthy eating and improved to a 50% level do realize that you have just made a 100% improvement in your health. How will this affect your body in 10 years or 20 years…. it will be better than where you started. Find better sources for your dairy products if you have not already.

We have only presented the basics of eating healthy in this eCourse. Do keep up with the latest health findings by getting on our mailing list and in a short time you may find your are a RealFood expert.

Jeff and Shannon
Cooking God’s Way

P.S. You have your membership to this eCourse for 1 year so do revisit the information if you feel a refresher is needed.

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