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Over the past few articles we have been talking about a fat that is so good for your body, that it can help cut your risk of heart disease, give you energy, and today we will talk about how it can help you lose weight. It is amazing to understand all this fat can do for your body.

Today we will round out with our last discussion on coconut oil. A reader asked me if coconut oil since it gives one energy would be good to take before a cardio exercise. In the article Some Fats Make You Want To Dance we talked about how coconut oil raises the metabolic rate of the human body. Research is proving what many body builders already know, which is that coconut oil causes thermogenesis giving increased metabolism and energy.  But add this fact that the research noticed and you will sit up at attention; it appears that one of the primary components in coconut oil results in reducing body fat while keeping muscle in tact.

Yes, you understood it correctly! Consuming coconut oil jump starts the energy system of the body which throws logs of fat onto the fire to keep everything rolling. 🙂 I have used this trick with people I have been consulting who needed to kick start their weight-loss. Stop the bus! Don’t go off and think all you have to do is eat coconut oil and you will lose all the unwanted weight, presto! When coconut oil is consumed before a meal it will do two main things, 1. cause the body’s metabolism to increase, 2. will help to temper the appetite. So, if you then eat a balanced diet and exercise you can see some weight-loss happen. Coconut oil is part of the puzzle not the complete answer.

Here is one more thing to understand about consuming coconut oil, besides thermogenesis, coconut oil will promote a leaner body without always reducing weight, through its ketogenic effect. Ketones are high energy fuel that nourish the brain. Human body’s can produce ketones from stored fat while fasting or in starvation, but they can also be produced by converting medium chain fatty acids in foods like coconut oil. In a fasting state, the body’s use of ketones for energy prevents muscle loss. Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of these medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). As you age you tend to lose muscle mass and coconut oil could aid in the reduction of this muscle loss.

I take shots of coconut oil regularly before working out or before meals and I have seen my body fat lower better than just with exercise and diet alone. Now remember these positive affects happen over time with the consistent consumption of coconut oil and coconut products. Sorry, no instant fixes. We take vitamins for their long term benefits so why not put some coconut oil shots into your daily diet for the long term help in keeping body fat reduced. Heck if you only got the increased health benefits mentioned in Eat This Fat And Your Body Will Thank You!, it would be worth it.

Add all these benefits mentioned above and you maybe left wondering why you are not using coconut oil in as many places in your diet as possible. Here are some easy ways you can get coconut oil into your diet. Use it as your cooking oil, put it in recipes asking for oil, and take it before meals (see Eat This Fat And Your Body Will Thank You!, for amounts to take). Get some dried coconut and use it as part of your trail mix. Caution: some bagged shredded coconut is coated with some form of a sugar. I even found a store that sells unsweetened banana chips that were fried in coconut oil, they go in my trail mix too.

Coconut oil as used in a healthy lifestyle may help you to stop looking at the scale and gain some freedom.

Sources: Larger diet-induced thermogenesis and less body fat accumulation in rats fed medium-chain triacylglycerols than in those fed long-chain triacylglycerols. Consumption of an oil composed of medium chain triacyglycerols, phytosterols, and N-3 fatty acids improves cardiovascular risk profile in overweight women. Medium-chain oil reduces fat mass and down-regulates expression of adipogenic genes in rats.

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  1. Wanda Ferguson says

    Dr. Oz changed his mind and was telling all the blessing of Coconut Oil on his show today.

    • Wanda, Yup I saw that he had started changing what he was saying about coconut oil after meeting with Dr. Mercola just in the past few days.

      thanks for the comment, 🙂


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