3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Overeating

It has been a long day, very busy at work and now you are at home ready to eat dinner. You make up a delicious meal that is one of your favorites and it tastes so good that before you know it… it is all gone. Yup, I have been there too. Eaten enough food to have lasted two meals. Even healthy food made correctly can be bad for you if you are often overeating.

So what can you do? All the advice I am about to give is what my family does on a regular basis, not to mention I have used these techniques with many of my clients.

Avoid Overeating

1. Plan your meals. Get with the family and make a list of what will be eaten every day of the week, dinner is usually the most planned meal. By planning your meals it will save you time, money and could help keep you healthier. Time will be saved because you will know exactly what to make, this will insure you have all the ingredients on hand. Money will be saved because you will avoid the fast food monster and ingredients can be purchased in bulk as other meals will use some of the same food stuffs. You may get healthier because better meals will be prepared and you will not be starving by the time the meal comes to the plate.

2. Leave the food on the stove. Plate the food in the kitchen and bring only the plates to the table. ONLY ONE PERSON plates the food for the family. This will let you control portion size. In our home Shannon most always prepares the meals, but I usually plate the food. We see this two ways; I see it as she gets to sit, relax and be served. She says it is her way of honoring me. (It works for us.) If seconds do happen, again one person takes on the duty. The biggest plus about leaving the food in the kitchen is that there are less chances to load more on the plate. Funny how when you stand up to get more you feel fuller.

3. Don’t be hungry before dinner. I know, I can hear you laughing. What I mean is don’t be ravenous before the meal. Be ahead of the game, snack some to keep your hunger under control. Healthy snacks like homemade trail mix can go with you anywhere so you are ready when you get the munchies. For more on snacks see our Appetizer section or pickup the Cooking God’s Way – Daily Recipe cookbook, which has a whole chapter on snacks and chapters on each meal of the day. Snacks help me keep my weight under control and energy level high all day.

Coconut oil taken 20 mins. before a meal will help keep your hunger down so you will eat less and eat your meal slower. There are many other great affects of coconut oil, such as hormone balancing, boosts the immune system, weight-loss, and anti-Alzheimer properties. Read more about how great coconut oil can be in these 3 articles; 1. Eat This Fat And Your Body Will Thank You!, talks about many of the benefits of coconut oil and gives suggestions on dosage, 2. Some Fats Make You Want To Dance, talks about how coconut oil will give you energy, 3. Your Body Will Thank You, Dance & Lose Weight discusses how coconut oil helps burn fat.

If you put into place your plan and apply some of the methods above you will find YOU are in-control a lot more of the time. Do remember if you slip off your plan it is not the end, just go back and start again.

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