Dr. Oz says Coconut Oil is deadly!!!


Dr. Mehment Oz and Mike Roizen write a syndicated column that is published by my local paper. The following is exact word for word…

Q: My friend heard that coconut oil will make you lean and healthy. What do you think?

FALSE A: Did you know that there’s a manufacturing plant in the Philippines that is turning coconut oil into a biofuel? While most plant products are good for you, coconut oil is a complete misfit. It is loaded with saturated fat, the kind that clogs up your internal engine (your arteries and heart) with lousy LDL cholesterol and puts you on the wait list for the cardiac care unit. — July 12, 2010 Star Telegram

Wow, are these guys dead wrong!!! (excuse my pun) All it takes is a little research to find the many case studies that show coconut oil is very healthy for you. Let me answer the question the correct way.

TRUE A: Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which will jump start your metabolism.  What this means to you is, your body does not normally store MCFAs and converts them into energy, great if you are trying to shed a few extra pounds. Coconut is used in some sports drinks to help athletes produce lean mass.

According to a study published by the Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine, 1992, People of the Philippines have some of the lowest rates of heart disease in the world.

A report published by the National Cancer Instituete lists Thailand (having the highest consumption of coconut in the world) as having the lowest cancer rate for both men and women out of the 50 countries studied.

It is so exciting what Coconut  and coconut oil can do for your health. It is even very helpful for diabetics. I have attached a short movie for you to view on this subject. I could go on and on with the research easily found on the internet. Guess Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen missed the boat on this one.

UPDATE: Dr. Oz has changed his position on Coconut Oil. He is now recommending it on his TV show and website. We have to commend Dr. Oz for re-evaluating his stance on this saturated fat after seeing the research proving it is a healthy fat for our bodies.

Here is a video interview with Dr. Bruce Fife an expert on Coconut Oil with some exciting benefits of consuming coconut oil.

Video – Impact of Coconut Oil on Blood Sugar and Diabetes

iHealthTube.comCoconut Oil Benefits Blood Sugar and Diabetics

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  1. excellent post, very informative. I ponder why the other experts of this sector
    don’t notice this. You must continue your writing.

  2. Fact: someone I know knocked 90 points off their triglycerides with juicing and coconut oil.

    • Liz, thank your for sharing. Coconut oil is a wondrous food. I have heard many positive testimonials of cholesterol lowing, diabetics lowering or eliminating insulin, weight-loss, energy improvement, memory correction, and the list goes on and on. The great news is coconut oil is becoming more common place today. Keep sharing the news. – Jeff

  3. Coconut oil has been used a lot by body builders because of the bodies ability to metabolize it quicker than any other oil and use it right away as a source of energy. Like the article mentions it is also good for diabetics because its low on the glycemic index.

  4. Hi Jeff. I found your website while researching the Big Berkey. I was wondering what brand of Coconut Oil you use or recommend? I also wonder if you are using the Big Berkey? Thanks for your insight.

    • There are many different brands that offer great options in price and availability. Look for a raw virgin, unrefined, organic coconut oil. Tropical traditions offers a great one, Green Pasture another, sometimes your local markets and even Costco. Prices will differ along with slight differences in taste. Find one that fits your budget and taste.

  5. I am happy to see coconut oil deserving a lot of credit. Now people are saying that olive oil is not good for frying because of possible carcinogens being formed from heating beyond its smoke point. I’ve heard that coconut oil is excellent for frying, but how come the smoke point for coconut oil is lower than extra virgin olive oil? Can someone clarify this for me? I thought that if you heat an oil beyond its smoke point, it becomes unhealthy. So how can coconut oil be better than olive oil for frying?

  6. My wife and I ywars ago ran a movie theatre. Of course we sold popcorn and we added coconut oil in the process of popping the corn. While we believed it was bad for your health popcorn just didn’t taste the same without it. And now! What a revolution! A fantastic revalation. If Dr. Oz recommends it as a health benefit I firmly believe it. From now on it will be a staple in our kitchen. WalMart sells the LOUANA brand and at $5.95 for a 29 ounce container it is a bargain.

    • Yes coconut oil is great for making popcorn, we do that often. That is great you used it in your theater even before it had become more widely know about. Careful with taking Dr. Oz’s word as law, he has been wrong in the past as this article even shows. Do read around and confirm what you see on TV or read on the internet. As far as the LOUANA brand coconut oil, it is what I would consider a brand to use if you can’t get a virgin, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil. I understand we all have to do the best we can, so I do applaud WalMart for carrying a product that offers a starting place. Here is some info on the product from the manufacturer. Since the product is refined, bleached and deodorized it is very processed. What great nutrients have been lost in the processing would be my question? Health does cost in today’s world, it takes time and money.

      Lou Ana Coconut Oil is

      – Lou Ana Coconut Oil is refined, bleached and deodorized.
      – Lou Ana Coconut Oil is not hydrogenated.
      – Lou Ana Coconut Oil does not contain any trans fatty acids nor cholesterol.
      – Lou Ana Coconut Oil is not cold pressed or a virgin oil.
      – Lou Ana Coconut Oil has a 15 month shelf life. Please store in a cool, dark place.


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