3 Ways Fermented Foods Help Lose Weight!

VegetablesFermented foods can help you lose weight! Yes, many fermented foods that you can make in your own home can be a big part of the puzzle when it comes to getting that weight under control. You can enjoy sauerkraut, carrots, and pickles as part of a balanced meal plan.

How can you lose weight by just eating some fermented vegetables daily? Let’s take a look at how all this wonderfulness ties together.

1.  Probiotics help to balance beneficial bacteria counts, which helps the gut to heal.

Fermented foods or as some call them lacto-fermented foods all contain some level of probiotics. Probiotics are key to a healthy digestive tract and they need to be eaten daily to influence the levels in the gut in a positive way. Research has shown that by just eating a serving a day of a live probiotic foods such as sauerkraut, carrots or pickles, that within 28 days counts of beneficial bacteria make measurable increases.

So how does this help you loose weight?

When the digestive tract becomes better balanced it functions at higher levels of efficiency. So you get better digestion of the food you eat and higher absorption of nutrients. Keep in mind you are eating for nutrients first, calories are just a way to try and measure the energy within a food. If we were just after calories we could just eat ice cream and hot fudge. But we need nutrition, bone building, cell healing, immune system enriching nutrition. And guess what? When you get better nutrition absorption you will eat less over time.

When I work with people to help them with their nutrition I tend to stay away from calorie counting. I suggest first that we work to get good nutritional foods into their diet on a daily basis. Weight loss often follows without even trying. We are talking real weight-loss that stays off since they have changed how they are eating. Easy, right!

2. Fermented foods are highly nutritious and packed with vitamins that are highly bio-available.

These fermented foods or lacto-fermented foods as some call them have the tough cellular walls softened by the fermenting process. These softened vegetable cellular walls are much easier for the digestive tract to deal with quickly.

Why is it important to have foods that digest quickly?

Think of your digestive tract as a path over which your food travels. There is a time limit! If the foods stop moving down the path you get constipated. NOT GOOD! So now you see your foods have a limited amount of time to get digested, before they reach the end of the line and out they go. Your body is in a race to get the most nutrition it can as the food moves through each part of your digestive tract.

Another added benefit is that these foods are also converted to be more bio-available. This allows the body to do less work since these nutrients are in the right form that your body can easily use. That is jest neat! Vitamins and minerals in the foods are also, released at higher levels than when the food was raw. It is not uncommon to see levels of vitamin A, C, and B to be at levels 3 times higher than before the food was fermented. Wow! Maybe this is why our forefathers  did not have to be concerned with taking vitamin supplements, they ate fermented foods daily.

3. Fermented foods are vegetables after all… so they are high in fiber!

You can loose weight by increasing you consumption of natural fiber and vegetables are jam packed full of it.

How can I loose weight be eating fiber?

If you eat low or little fiber you can have a build up of sticky starchy type foods in the digestive tract. Need an example? When John Wayne died they found over 20 lbs of undigested matter coating his digestive tract. He loved meat and potatoes, and he did have a large gut on him in later life. So, think of vegetable fiber like a scrub brush for your digestive tract. I have had client’s that when we started them on regular servings of vegetables and fermented foods they lost 10 pounds very quickly, besides visiting the bathroom lots of extra times.

A neat side affect of eating more fiber and getting that digestive tract all clean and polished up is that it will work more efficiently. You will find that overtime you will absorb more of the nutrients that are in your foods. In turn you will not get hungry as often and in the end you will eat less.

All that fiber is filling too. You will get full faster and keep in mind that vegetables are lower in calories so you will burn some of those extra calories that are being stored. Yes, I know we just said that we are not concerned with calories! And that is true, but they are still there, we just don’t focus on them.

What is the end result to you?

By bringing some fermented vegetables into your daily meals you can see some great benefits. And a wonderful thing is these changes can be accomplished by most people no matter what their diet of choice is.

  1. Probiotics help to balance beneficial bacteria counts, which helps the gut to heal.
  2. Fermented foods are highly nutritious and packed with vitamins that are highly bio-available.
  3. Fermented foods are vegetables after all so they are high in fiber.

Who would of thought that just eating a couple of serving of fermented vegetables daily could change your life over the long run? Just keep in mind that this is a lifestyle change not some fad diet that you stop as soon as you loose a few pounds.

Take the next step!

Need some help learning to ferment? We have the tools, cookbooks and online classes to get you started. And keep in mind when you start fermenting using our products we back them up with support to help answer your questions. You are assured success when dealing with Cooking God’s Way.

Start today, don’t wait!

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