One Food To Avoid On Vacation!

We are all out looking to relax before the school season starts backup again. No matter how hard we try to do well with our eating habits this one food keeps popping up. Vacations are not even safe! Recently we made a tip to Galveston, TX to enjoy the beach and I was amazed with the many forms the sinister food took on.

There we were visiting the local market to pick up some vegetables for a great salad that night and what did I see lining the entryway shelves? Cotton Candy, yup you read that right. I don’t know about you but this seemed very out of place for a grocery store to stock and in a beach area. Cotton Candy is the sticky stuff that we see at summer fairs, right!? I kept my eyes open for to see what else might pop-up.

It was not long before that Cotton Candy came back to visit again. My Son and I took an early morning walk down the seawall and there it was again. A local restaurant was advertising that they had cotton candy with your meal. I had to snap a picture to share as this just seemed so out of place to me.

Sand, Surf and Cotton Candy

What a combination! In a million years I would not have put that together. The thing to realize is this must be selling as I saw it in more than one, two, or three places. I starting thinking about why would this product be sold at the beach and then it hit me. What do you want to sell at the beach, DRINKS! Or some kind of liquid. People get hot and need to cool down so a cool drink would appear to be a welcome part of the beach. But wow, this was tricky, it went way beyond just a cool drink.

Dehydration, Urination, Hunger

When we consume too much sugar the body has deal with this excess quickly. Insulin is released into the blood, but the body also tries dilute that excessive sugar in our blood. This causes the body to start pulling liquid from all over the body to dilute this superabundant amount of sugar. Diabetics see this often as they are usually always thirsty. Pulling water from all over the body to balance the large amount of sugar can show up first as a pain in the head as a headache. You know what happens when you get an excessive amount of water in the body? People start saying, “I got to go!” Well that is what the kids will be saying. Then after that the sugar crash hits and what do we hear? “I am hungry!”

Can you now see the genius now of selling cotton candy and other sugar based foods at the beach? The sun just speeds up the process of running back in doors to get more drinks and food. Then the whole process starts over again, what a wild loop! Sadly, many get caught in this cycle and never realize it.

Leave The Merry-Go-Round

The great thing is getting off this ride is not hard, just stop consuming the sugar. Maybe drink some water. Yes, your body will still have to deal with the sugar affects till they workout of the body, but you will not be contributing to the cycle. After a while the body will balance and things will go much better.

Vacations Are Not The Only Time

When you think about it the beach is not the only time this tricky cycle is used. How about all the ads that show people working in the yard and then reaching for that cold drink they say, “Is the real thing.” Sporting events, the movies or the mall are all places that sugar based foods and sugary drinks are offered in great abundance. Did I just stumble on to a conspiracy? It appears food sellers understand how my body works better than I do.

Have you noticed any of these conspiracies 😉 or happenings in your outings? Share them with us below.


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