Eat This Fat And Your Body Will Thank You!

I tell people that and I get comments back like, "What do you mean eat this fat and my body will thank me!? Don't you know consuming fat is bad for you, and saturated fats are even worse? They give you heart disease!" Yes, that is what the media has been programmed to tell us and many doctors believe saturated fats are bad … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Help Make An Immune System Strong!

Yesterday we talked about how pro-biotic foods can help strengthen your immune system helping you to avoid the flu and cold seasons. Let's take this one step more and talk about some other foods and vitamins to be sure you are up on to help that immune system. Remember it is not any one thing that will strengthen your … [Read more...]

Avoiding the Flu and Cold Season!

The change of Seasons is upon us. As we head indoors we get less sun and exercise, slowly the immune systems get weaker. Then cold and flu season pops up at your door. Here is what you can do to keep that immune system strong and cheat the sick season. Why is it important to keep the immune system strong? Well that is … [Read more...]

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