Just Eat It!

Ever feel like you are just being told to do things and not given much of a choice. Eating healthy is not a natural happening in the U.S. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with sugar and simple carbohydrates. Where did this diet come from? Would our "Mother Knows Best" Mom of the 50's who was into protecting her … [Read more...]

Will You Make A Change For Your Child?

There are toxins all around us in many forms. Our children are bombarded with them before they are even born and it continues as they grow up with their toys. It is easy to make small changes that continue to add up. You can help others, share what you know with others, share websites you visit, share what products you … [Read more...]

Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals – GMO!

We all need to understand the issues with GMO foods. I can't stress enough how much this is harming our health. And this does not take years to show up in our bodies, reactions can happen in just a few days to weeks. How can we begin to try to eat healthy if the core food is bad to begin with. Here is a short film that … [Read more...]

King Corn

Corn really is King of the American food chain! You will be amazed at how corn is stuffed into most of the products at fast food restaurants. KING CORN takes you on the humorous adventure that two college friends (Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis) embark on when they decide to grow an acre of corn. With the help of some farmers … [Read more...]

Star Wars Goes Organic

While Shannon is putting forth her all by bringing you great recipes I figured we could add some movie reviews to the site to help with the education factor. Here is my first movie review. This one rates a A+ for fun. Caution: Vegetables may not be the same after viewing this short out take. Star Wars was a great flick … [Read more...]

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