Canola Oil: Healthy Oil or Pesticide? *UPDATED*

God never made a Canola plant, so where does Canola Oil really come from? Canola comes from the Rapeseed plant, a member of the mustard family, it was genetically engineered and developed in Canada. It should really be named "Rapeseed Oil". But who would buy that? Doesn't sound very appealing. So it was given the name … [Read more...]

I Will Not Eat Natural! It’s Not Natural!

Yup, that is right! I will not eat natural foods. And you know what? You should not either. It is just not natural! Hold on a second before you click away. You maybe glad you stayed. Natural... What picture comes into your mind with that word? I bet your picture is not petroleum products, chemicals, waste, etc. Sorry … [Read more...]

Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food

Have you heard about genetically engineered foods? Well California is taking the lead in the fight over this big issue, which is called Proposition 37. Think what is happening out there on the West Coast does not affect you... well read on! What is Prop 37? Proposition 37 is about the Mandatory Labeling of Genetically … [Read more...]

Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals – GMO!

We all need to understand the issues with GMO foods. I can't stress enough how much this is harming our health. And this does not take years to show up in our bodies, reactions can happen in just a few days to weeks. How can we begin to try to eat healthy if the core food is bad to begin with. Here is a short film that … [Read more...]

Are GMO’s Killing You?!

What is the big deal with GMO? The FDA and the mainstream media say it is fine for us. Before we dive into the fray lets define GMO so we all are on the same page. GMO = genetically modified organism, let me give you an example; there is corn that is readily sold at the local market that has been genetically modified so … [Read more...]

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