Avoiding The Common Trap

Today, I felt that we needed to talk about something a little off the norm.

A common trap that we all fall prey to at sometime or another, putting off things till better times. I have a friend that has shown interest in our Immune boosting lacto-fermenting classes that we hold locally, she has told me that she really wants to come. Well we had a opening in one of the classes so I called my friend to see if she would be interested. I heard a slightly sniffy voice answer and found that she felt off today. After hearing about my offer, she replied she was starting to come down with something and would wait till she was well. Of course I was supportive and let her know if she felt better later to come on over, she thanked me and said, she would have to feel better later to make work in the late day.

Lacto-fermenting eCourse

Are you seeing the trap I am seeing. We avoid a basic area that needs attention so we can focus on the things that suffer, because we did not do the basics. Yes, I am suggesting that my friend come over and make it through a class that she may have discomfort in. Would the class heal her right away? No! But, she could start using some of what she had learned to maybe shorten her current issue and help avoid other times in the future.

Today the modern media pushes, it is all about how we feel. Look at the many commercials on TV, they try to sell you something that will relieve this symptom and that symptom so you will feel better, but they do nothing to fix the real problem of why you have some symptoms.

If you took your car to the repair center because the engine check light was on and the mechanic pulled out some wire cutters and cut the wire to the light. What would you do? You would like me scream at him and say, “what did you just do? That fixed nothing!” But, he assures you that with all his education he knows what he is doing. So what will happen in 50K miles, will the car be running?

Why do we treat our bodies this way? The medical doctor gives us a pill or wants to cut something that will fix our issue, but what is the long term cause. Do we have habits that need to be changed today so our future will be around tomorrow? My friend wanted to wait till she felt better to make a change in her eating habits that would effect her health in a positive way, will she ever feel good enough to make the change eating dead processed food?

Avoid The Common Trap of putting off for tomorrow what you need to do today!!!

I often tell my clients pick one thing to change today. That will be one less thing you need to change tomorrow, so your list will be getting shorter.

So, pick one thing to change today or this week! Here is a link to an great article, Lacto-fermented Vegetables & Fruits…Give Them a Try

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