True Cost Of Eating Healthy

We have all heard thGifte phrase, “You get what you pay for.” Do we take the time to actually run these words over in your mind? Today everything is a fast move, fast choice, and fast action. Health is the opposite. It takes time, something many people tell me they just don’t have. One thing I have noticed is that we all make time for what we feel is important to us. Let’s have some fun today! How about giving me a few minutes to run some ideas past you. I am a Holistic Nutritional Consultant and I have noticed often that all these busy people tend to slow down when they get sick. Maybe the wrong kind of busy makes you sick!

The question is, “Where do you cut corners to save time in your day?”


Many people cut the corner when it comes to planning out their day. People plan with everything focused on time! The day is mapped out according to how much time it takes to do everything in the least amount of time possible. Drop off this, pickup that, go here, go there. It all starts to look like an out of control video game. Get the most done, get all the points and cross the finish line. I WIN! Well at least for today.

What about planning with the focus on completing each task with the highest quality results.

Maybe you will not get as much done in a day, but what you get done will be great! Maybe the kids will feel like you care a little more, people you interact with will be happier, and you will feel better. Personally I find that I still tend to get my task list done for the day and I feel much better at the end.


Running around trying to serve time does tend to produce some stress. Time is a very hard boss to work for. It keeps ticking on endlessly without tiring. The only way to beat time is to understand you can’t. Once you remove time as the major focus your stress will reduce.

Plan first for quality and second for time.


Why am I bringing up these ideas about planning, quality and time? These are the three main ideas that control our everyday. The question is have you realized it? Just to boil it all down to one idea.

Think about tomorrow today.


Yes, I had to bring food into the topic, you knew it was coming. We even try to tell food to obey time by naming it, ” Fast Food.”

I tell my client’s, “eat for tomorrow today, since it will always be today and never tomorrow.” Fun thought, but give it a spin and you will see it is deep. Food is what keeps us alive, it makes us or breaks us. Our nutrition, vitamins, enzymes, etc. all come from the food we eat. So if you are eating for tomorrow today, you will try to make the best choices and not just shove something in to stop being hungry.

Eat for tomorrow today.


Action will move all these great thoughts we have covered, and all we have to do is some planning. Do you see the biggest change in your daily plan is just the “focus”. Plan to eat a good meal for dinner tomorrow and suddenly you are putting the focus on quality. It is really that easy to change the direction of where you are going.

Change your direction today, it is easy.


Lets get some real application of how we can make changes in our menu today to affect tomorrow. Fermented foods helps us to plan for tomorrow since these foods are high in nutrition, vitamins, and enzymes. A great plus is that these foods are self-preserving. So, make a batch of sauerkraut today and it will be there to eat for the next few months as a great side at dinner. Or how about using these fermented vegetables as toppings on sandwiches. You can even make condiments that are lacto-fermented, such as ketchup, mustard, relish, pickles, mayonnaise, etc.

Make Fermented Food At Home – Easily

Eating these great foods also brings into your system great pro-biotics that our digestive track needs to stay healthy for tomorrow. And what is really neat about these foods is they are still considered raw in many cases. Making this another way to get those raw veggies in daily.

Juicing is another way to plan for tomorrow while helping to keep time moving. Use juicing to replace one meal a day. Maybe that quick lunch can be a juice. Here is a way to only juice a couple times a week. Use a slow juicer to produce juices that can be stored for up to three days. I have to tell you, it is a great way to get more vegetables into your diet. For more about juicing see, The Truth About Juicing.

Slow Juicers Extract The Most Juice

Did you know that sourdough bread is a fermented food? Here is another great way to get great nutrition for tomorrow. Sourdough baked goods (real ones made at home), have the nutrition and vitamins within the grains made more bio-available, in some cases it is twice as much as store bought bread. A neat fact is that the sourdough culture itself eats gluten as its food source, making sourdough items lower in gluten and in some cases gluten free. Want to learn more?

Taking just a little time from your day today can really help you save the cost of tomorrow.

The true cost of not improving your eating could well be your future. I encourage you to make changes today to improve your tomorrow.


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