#1 Food Secret, Do You Know It!

#1 SecretWhat if I told you there is one food secret that could change your life. And what if this food secret was something that after adding it to your diet it affected your chance of heart attack, lowered cholesterol, increased digestion, helped you lose weight, built up your immune system, fights disease, aides in detoxification of your body, helps with the absorption of minerals, balances blood sugar levels, and builds muscle. Even more than all that… which is a lot of benefits!  What if you could eat this food at every meal. Sadly most people in America don’t eat this food, or even know what it is or what it can do.

Are you ready to step into the light?

Lets pull back the curtain and take a look at Lacto-fermented foods. Now before you click away, take a minute to read all the great benefits and what the foods are. It may be that you are eating some of these foods but don’t realize that they should be a staple of your diet. Then I will cover some suggestions for getting these foods on your plate at every meal.

Benefits of Lacto-fermented Foods.

#1 Benefit of lacto-fermented foods… they taste great! I know you might not see that as a big benefit, but believe me foods that taste good get eaten. You want to eat these foods as much as you can right? Right, so taste is king! Alright let me mention quickly as many benefits as I can about lacto-fermented foods.

Reduce Heart Attack Issues – Studies show that increasing levels of probiotics in the body helps lower the chance of heart attack. Eat up.

Lowers Cholesterol – Lacto-fermented foods help block cholesterol production and help the body remove excess cholesterol. Wow a win on both ends for people with cholesterol concerns.

Lose Weight – Lacto-fermented foods are nutrient dense. You will eat less and feel full faster! Remember we eat for nutrition.

Protects The Body From Stress – Lacto-fermented foods help the digestive tract to protect itself when stress happens in your life.

Balances Blood Sugar Levels – Lacto-fermented foods, like sourdough breads, reduce the load on the pancreas allowing insulin levels to stay lower, keeping blood sugar spikes at bay. Just be sure it is REAL Sourdough not just flavored.

Builds Immune System – These great foods supply lactobacilli and bifidobacteria to the gut in great supply. This can help to increase the number of these necessary bacteria in the intestines and can also help to prevent colonization of pathogenic organisms.

Aides Detoxification – During the making of these lacto-fermented vegetables any toxins that they were sprayed with when grown are broken down. Add to this that these foods are nutrient dense and you start to understand they give the body the basic components needed for detoxification.

Vitamins Are Boosted – Sauerkraut has more vitamin C than orange juice. During the fermenting process foods vitamin levels are increased, some foods more than 20 times their raw levels.

Minerals Are Made AvailableMost grains and many vegetables have the minerals trapped in the tough cellular wall of the organism. Lacto-fermenting breaks down these tough membranes so proper assimilation can easily happen.

Helps Digest Cooked Foods – Lacto-fermented foods have enzyme levels increased for better nutrition, but pack another very nice feature. They attract digestive juices like a magnet which increases the digestion of the cooked foods we eat! Cooked foods normally repel digestive juices… so all you have to do is eat lacto-fermented foods with your cooked foods. Now that bratwurst looks… and tastes good with sauerkraut on it, and it makes sense!

Lacto-fermenting eCourse

What Foods Are Lacto-fermented?

I would think you agree these are some great reasons to bring lacto-fermented foods into your diet. Now I bet the only questions is what are the foods.

Fermented Milk – Yogurt with live cultures is a basic one, raw cheeses, and milk kefir round out your options.

Lacto-fermented Vegetables – To get ones high in beneficial bacteria you will have to make them yourself. Store brands just don’t have the live bacteria. But I really can’t say enough about how easy it is to make them. These foods include sauerkraut, pickles, and most condiments. Almost all vegetables can be lacto-fermented!

Fermented Grains – Sourdough is the most popular. This great bread can be made into many different varieties. When you understand it can be low in gluten or even gluten-free, have most all of its nutrition released, and not taste sour (if you want), what is your excuse for not making some. Some sourdough pancakes are great on a Saturday morning. What else can be done with sourdough? Well how about, crackers, rolls, pizza crusts, breads, pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, cornbread, cakes, muffins, etc.

If you are already eating lacto-fermented foods as part of your daily diet then congrats! Now I would like to challenge the rest of you to start. A yogurt that contains live cultures is a great way to start the day in a bowl or as part of a smoothie or breakfast shake. Do be sure the label says it “contains live cultures”. I have seen great things happen in people’s lives just from adding this one simple food. After that, move on to making some lacto-fermented vegetables. We offer the eCourses, books, and hardware needed. Great news is that these foods last long periods of time so you will not have to be making them every weekend. Round out your fermenting with some sourdough baked goods. This type of bread has been around for a very longtime. Did you know that a sourdough chocolate cake doesn’t taste at all like sourdough, but yet it’s packed with nutrition. Can we say… Yum!

Pick-out something and bring it into your daily diet. Keep it a part of your diet and you have made a change that will last you a lifetime!

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