Save Money, Heal, Toss Me A Bone!

"What! Did he mention two of my favorite topics?! Money and bones!" Well my friend Petey here does like bones, I think he said money to get your attention. lol Enough with the fun lets talk about bones. Doctors are telling us that it is very common for people to have mineral deficiencies. Our bodies use minerals for a … [Read more...]

Dying While Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is not always the easiest or most enjoyable thing to do. After all we are human and most of us did not start life eating healthy. The past life of ease by just grabbing whatever is quick and easy, sometime comes back to tempt us. Last night we held a fun lacto-fermenting class to help bring a few more … [Read more...]

Tools You Need to Make a “Healthy” Lifestyle Change

Yes, the New Year is upon us. It’s a time to reflect on this past year and what we would like to change for the better, particularly in our health. Nutrition, the way we eat, certainly has an enormous impact on our health and wellness. Have you been eating the way you want to? The way you should? Maybe you have good … [Read more...]

What Salts Are Best?

So, we have seen that "table" salt is a poison, now I am concerned about the salt I use. Don't be it is very easy to find a healthy salt. Lets take a look at some of the most common ones. Sea Salt A popular salt that I have used in the past and that has been growing in availability is Sea Salt, which, can be found in most … [Read more...]

Do I Need Salt? Life or Death?

Wow, what a question? It would appear that we do after all it is in most foods, right? I mean fast food is packed full of salt (sodium) and the FDA looks over us so it must be ok, right? Let me say yes, we need salt to live, it is the basis of the electrolytes with in our body. But, all salt is not created … [Read more...]

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